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Van Available in 19 mins
Operating hours : Every Day: 8am – 8pm
Hourly rate
Minimum booking
2 Hours
Loading Capacity
18 cubic metres (up to 1000kg)
Payment method


Man and Van Camberwell

How I Work

Man and Van Camberwell is the easiest and most dependable way to get your goods transported throughout the Greater London area. As a goods transport service, I work with people who need to get their belongings transported across the city each and every day. For that reason, I offer my customers a competitive rate. To use my van and I it will only cost you £25 per hour with a minimum spending of £50. As I am based in the local area, I can get to you incredibly easily. Depending on traffic it should take an average of 19 minutes for me to get to you. I am available to transport your goods every day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm so get in touch today and make your life easier!


Man and Van Camberwell

About My Van

As I am out and about in my van I always make sure take good care of it. It is always in tip-top conditions order and gets checked over regularly for any problems. It is cleaned often and also frequently serviced. The van is also covered with fully comp insurance, so you and your belongings are taken care of. You can fill my van up with up to 1000 kg of items, equivalent to 18 cubic metres of volume. If you like, you can also use my trolley and blankets to help stow your stuff on board securely.

My Job as Man and Van at Man and Van Camberwell

My job at Man and Van Camberwell is to get your goods transported to wherever you wish within the Greater London area. Once you get in contact with me I will set off to your location, wherever that is in London, in an average 19 minutes. When I get to you I am more than happy to assist you in loading up the van and unload it at your destination. Unfortunately, I cannot assist you when it comes to dismantling your furniture or packing up your boxes.

What I transport across London

I am out and about in my van all day delivering goods across London so I meet all kinds of interesting people. My customers are generally individuals or families that need items transported across London in a quick and efficient manner. Whether you have just bought a new fridge and need to get it home, or you’re a family that needs to move home, I am here for you every day of the year. You can fill my van up to the brim or just take a single item; it’s absolutely up to you.

Man and Van Camberwell software makes it easy

You can get in touch with Man and Van using the website. It helps me stay in contact with my customers using a clever piece of software to figure out where you are. There are two easy ways that you can get in touch with your nearest Man and Van:

Man and Van Camberwell

The Automatic Route

The simplest way for you to get in touch with Man and Van Camberwell is to automatically allow the website to find your location. All you have to do is go to our website and let the Geo-location software find your location. The website will automatically put you in touch with the nearest Man and Van right away.

The Manual Route

But that’s not the only way to do it, instead you of letting the website automatically detect where you are then you will just have to find the search for Man and Van yourself. Go to our Man and Van London website and look for the area of London that you are in. Once you have done that, click the area of London that you are in (Camberwell) and it will find your nearest Man and Van.

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