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Van Available in 19 mins
Operating hours : Every Day: 8am – 8pm
Hourly rate
Minimum booking
2 Hours
Loading Capacity
18 cubic metres (up to 1000kg)
Payment method


Man and Van Walthamstow

This is what I do with Man and Van

If you need a quick and reliable transport service in North London then let Man and Van Walthamstow help you transport your luggage to wherever you need within Greater London. I help people transport their goods across London at a very competitive rate. You can rent me and my van for £20 per hour, but there is a minimum spend of £40. Whatever you need to be transported and wherever you want to go, I am based locally and can always be with you in an average of 19 minutes away. So get in touch with me now, I am available 12 hours a day, every day of the year from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening.


Man and Van Walthamstow

About my van

I always make sure that my van is in complete working condition, fully cleaned, and regularly serviced. That means you can rest assured knowing that all of your goods will be transported safely to your destination. My van has fully comprehensive insurance so you and your goods are looked after. My van can take a maximum of 1000 kg worth of goods with a cargo space of 18 cubic metres, which is usually enough for most customers. If you have any more goods than that we may have to do two journeys. When I arrive at your location you are more than welcome to use my trolley and blankets to help get your items loaded securely.

My Job at Man and Van Walthamstow

My job is to help transport you and your belongings to any destination within the Greater London area. I will set off to your location the moment you get in contact with me and can be with you in an average of 19 minutes. Once I arrive, I am more than happy to help you load the van and I can unload it at the other end. I must inform you that I cannot assist you when it comes to taking apart your furniture or putting your stuff into boxes.

What I normally transport across London

Whether you want to completely fill my van to the brim or just take just a single item it’s completely up to you. I am happy to move anything and everything you need as long as it isn’t refuse or something that is illegal. Whatever item or items you need to take, I can only transport them if they can fit inside the van with the doors closed – so no oversized cargo.

My clients are typically people that need items transported across London quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a shopper that needs something transported from IKEA and back to the house or a small business that needs to transfer some equipment from a warehouse, it doesn’t bother me! I can help you load and unload all of your items into the van but I am not a removals man. I can’t help you disassemble furniture of pack up boxes.

How to use Man and Van Walthamstow software

Man and Van Walthamstow makes use of a clever bit of software on the Man and Van London website, This software uses geolocation software to help find your nearest Man and Van and connect you with him. There are two ways that you can get in touch with your nearest Man and Van.

The automatic way: The easiest and quickest way for you to get in touch with Man and Van is by allowing our geolocation software to automatically find your location. Once you have made your way to our website, simply allow the website access to your location and it will automatically detect where you are.

The manual way: If you don’t want to let the website access your location, that’s fine. As it is private data, we require your permission to access your location, and can’t do so without your permission. Instead, make your way to our website and find the region of London you are in. Once you’ve done that, click the area you are in, Walthamstow in this case, and you will be put in contact with your nearest Man and Van.

Man and Van Walthamstow

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